Monday, March 4, 2013

Dallas Drinks: The Judith

Dallas Drinks is a co-creation with Dallas Decoder, honoring the characters of the TNT drama Dallas, which continues the Ewing family saga. See all of the Dallas Drinks here.

The second season of TNT's Dallas has given us a slate of new characters, the most deliciously twisted of them being Judith Ryland, mother of Ann Ewing's former husband Harris. She loves her son Harris, to a dysfunctionally possessive extent, but is deeply suspicious of pretty much everyone else and has a special contempt for Ann. 

The Judith cocktail starts with dry gin for Judith's icy stately ways. Add a bit of yellow Chartreuse for those sharp blonde locks and mix with grapefruit shrub, a form of preserved grapefruit juice with vinegar for extra tartness. 

Dallas Drinks: The Judith - gin, yellow chartreuse, grapefruit shrub


  1. Needs more prune juice!

  2. Hmm... Stigma aside, I wonder if that would be good in a cocktail.