Friday, March 22, 2013

Cocktail: Gin Tonic

In The Feed, I recently wrote about an article examining how the classic gin & tonic has been reborn as the upscale "gin tonic" in Spain. I suppose this explains why Jaleo has such fabulous examples of the drink on its cocktail menu. Jose Andres's sangria sales will surely plummet when more people find out about the amazing gin tonics his bartenders are whipping up. I found the recipe for this style of drink on The Latin Kitchen site.

Gin Tonic

1 mint leaf (I used two since they were small)
1 large ice cube
1 lemon peel
2 juniper berries
1 lime wheel
2 oz. London dry gin (Bombay Sapphire)
4 oz. tonic water (Fever tree)

Place the mint leaf in a large wine glass and gently muddle to release its oils. Add ice cube. Squeeze lemon peel to release its oils and add to glass. Add juniper berries, lime wheel, gin and tonic to glass. Stir to combine and serve.


  1. This is a nice reminder that we haven't been to Jaelo in awhile. I vote we check out their latest gin offerings soon.

  2. Yeah, we should have dinner there soon.