Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Feed Summer Drinks Week Edition: June 25, 2014

The Feed is my weekly round up of interesting food-related stories from newspapers, magazines, blogs and websites.

Imbibe Magazine (July/August issue): “Bitter Twist,” by Joshua M. Bernstein
IPAs are still kings of the craft brew world. We certainly drink more than our fair share of them at our house. Bernstein writes about some key trends in IPA brewing, including the pursuit of new hops and beers with lower alcohol content but not less flavor.

Push Play Eat: “War of the Rosès at Tel’Veh Wine Bar!” by Lisa Comento.
I shall scoff at Rosé no more after reading Comento’s informative piece about the oft under-appreciated wine that strikes a balance between white and red styles. Also love the history lesson she includes here—who know Rosé had such an interesting story?

NPR: “Tequila Nation: Mexico Reckons With Its Complicated Spirit,” by The Kitchen Sisters (Davia Nelson & Nikki Silva).
The Kitchen Sisters profile Mexico’s tequila industry, finding that the spirit, though popular as ever, is taking a toll on the crop the spirit is made from, Mexico’s blue agave plant, while producers also work to make production more friendly to the environment.

The Martini Diva: “Vinegar Shrubs for Cocktails and Mocktails,” by Pop Art Diva.
The Martini Diva dives into the historic world of cocktail shrubs, an old-fashioned way of preserving fruit juice with sugar and vinegar. She provides a simple recipe for making shrubs based on Eric Felten’s recipe, and also a basic shrub cocktail recipe (with more recipes promised soon).

Wall Street Journal: “Three Cocktails That Really Hum,” by Jemima Sissons.
Sisson shares recipes for three tiki-style cocktails famously set to music, Piña Colada, Brass Monkey and the Kokomo (okay, the last one is actually inspired by music, but it sounds pretty tasty).

Drinking in America: “Cocktail Corner: The Classic Daiquiri.
For many, a daiquiri is a colorful, fruity, slushy concoction served in a giant glass with an oversize straw. Drinking in America reminds us of the drink’s humble origins: just rum, lime and simple syrup shaken with ice.

Drinking in America: “Drink a Beer, Name a Shark.”
Jaws was the harbinger of the modern summer blockbuster movie.  This summer, you can drink in the nostalgia with Narragansett beer sold in the 1975 version of the can that Captain Quint crushes.

The Daily Meal: “Celebrate the World Cup with Brazilian-Themed Cocktails,” by Eva Zaccaria.
Zaccaria’s guest, New York bartender Justin Noel, mixes up Brazilian-Themed cocktails in honor of this year’s World Cup. As some of you may have gathered, I don’t follow sports, so at the risk of having a Caipirinha thrown at me, I don’t know anything about what’s going on in the contest. But I do know that Noel’s drinks sound amazing, especially the Samba with basil, simple syrup, lime juice, pineapple juice and cachaça.


  1. Heaven help me, but I like Rose.

    1. Me too! Lisa Comento was instrumental in my deciding to give it a try. Glad we did.