Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cocktail: Indochine Bee's Knees

There's a lot of fusion going on in this drink.

First, I was inspired to make this based on my birthday cake: lemon cake with honey frosting and ginger ice cream. If those flavors could work in a dessert, I figured they could work in a drink too. I already had the honey syrup on hand from the Honey-Nut Old Fashioned cocktail.

Second, I discovered there's already a similar cocktail, the prohibition-era Bee's Knees made with gin, lemon juice and honey. My drink is not as potent and has Domaine de Canton (ginger liqueur) as an addition

Indochine Bee's Knees

1 oz. gin (Hendrick's)
1 oz. ginger liqueur (Domaine de Canton)
1/2 oz. fresh lemon juice (1/2 lemon)
3/4 oz. honey syrup*
2 oz. club soda
lemon wedge (optional garnish)

Combine gin, ginger liqueur, lemon juice and honey syrup in a shaker with ice. Shake until cold. Pour into a rocks glass with ice. Top with club soda and stir. Garnish with lemon wedge.

*For honey syrup recipe, see Honey-Nut Old Fashioned Cocktail.

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  1. Gosh, I can't remember this drink. Should I be concerned? I'm sure I loved it.