Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday Food Section Smackdown

It's Wednesday, the best day in newspapers, since it's the day both The Washington Post and The New York Times publish their food sections. I'm going to put them head-to-head each week to see who comes out on top.

Although both sections pictured big, leafy, green heads of lettuce on their covers today, it was their dueling winter vegetable risotto recipes that most excited me.

The Times' Risotto with Parsnips and Greens really piqued my interest. Not only does it sound really delicious, but it calls for two ingredients I have extra of from other recipes that I wasn't sure what to do with: kale and parsnips.

As part of its article on winter radishes, the Post included a recipe for Radish Risotto. I like how the description says the radishes "infuse the rice's creamy sauce with a subtle, peppery sweetness." Visually though, since everything is white, it's not as striking as the NYT's risotto.

Other tidbits: Tom Sietsema takes a first look at the U Street outpost of Tortilla Coast and sounds nonplussed; Spring Street Natural cafe, a rather decent place to get lunch in busy Soho, is opening an outpost on the Upper West Side; and Dean & DeLuca has started baking its own bread but only selling it in two New York outlets.

Verdict: Generally, I think The Washington Post's section is superior. So I'm a little surprised that, for my first smackdown, I'm giving the edge to The New York Times, mostly for the amazing-sounding winter vegetable risotto, which I plan to make this weekend.


  1. It's on! I rarely read either food section, but the Times' food photos are usually more striking than the Post's. On another note: We've eaten in Spring Street Cafe! I remember ordering a salad there and really liking it.

  2. Yeah, it's a good place, which is why I featured it. I probably wouldn't write about a restaurant I haven't been to, unless it's notable for a particular reason.