Thursday, January 3, 2013

Looking Ahead: Round Up of 2013 Food Trends

It's fun to pretend we can look into a crystal ball and predict what will be the hot trends of the New Year. I did so (a bit cheekily) in my own In/Out list published a couple days ago. Here are 10 other 2013 trends list from around the web:

Huffington Post: 2013 Food Trends: 13 That Other Publications Agree On. This is a good place to start, since Huffington Post has aggregated trends appearing on other sites, such as fermentation, chicken and popcorn.

New York Times: After Crispy Pig Ears, 10 Trends for 2013. I already gave a shout out in The Feed to this great list by Julia Moskin, which includes raw winter vegetables, barrel-aged hot sauce and chicharrones.

Bon Appetit: The BA 25: What to Eat, Drink & Cook in 2013. My favorite food magazine thinks the Korean chili paste gochujang will give sriracha a run for its money and that bartenders will be jailbreaking the SodaStream to carbonate their cocktails.

Food & Wine: Top Food Trends to Try in 2013. My other favorite food publication suggests that bread and butter plates, ramen and blue curaçao are among the hot new things for this year.

Epicurious: Epicurious Predicts the Top Food Trends of 2013. The top recipe website thinks chef collaborations will be hot in 2013 and that cauliflower will displace kale as the vegetable du jour.

CNN Eatocracy: Eat This List: Tater tots, invasive entrees and other food trends we'd like to see in 2013. Eatocracy's new feature, Eat This List, kicks off with a look ahead at the year's top food trends, which will include tater tots (interesting) and thoughtful non-alcoholic drink options (hmmm...hopefully the alcoholic ones will be thoughtful too).

Tribune Newspapers: 2013 food trends: What's the buzz. This list includes Greek yogurt (which I think was already way hot in 2012), molecular gastronomy (definitely since the publication of Modernist Cuisine at Home) and high-end Bordeaux (interesting pick I haven't seen elsewhere).

Cooking Light: Our Predictions: 2013 Food Trends. The healthy-cooking magazine forecasts kimchi, vegetables in general (common among many lists) and better burger buns in our future.

The Food Channel. Comfort food with an ethnic accent, smoke flavors (another item common to many lists) and high-end specialty bakery product make this list.

Kitchen Daily: Food Trends for 2013. Healthy dining out, savory fruit and local artisans are among the items on this rather health-conscious list.

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  1. Glad tater tots are in. Can hush puppies be in too?