Monday, November 26, 2012

Wiseguy NY Pizza Now Open in D.C.

I may still be reeling from the loss of my favorite home-delivery pizza, but I may have found a new favorite for-lunch pizza: Wiseguy NY, which opened recently.

On my first trip, I ordered a slice of the Margherita, the simple classic of tomato sauce, fresh basil and mozzarella. If every other pizza they offer is as good as this, I'll be quickly hooked. The flavors are all spot on and harmonize perfectly: the sharp fresh basil, the warm embrace of the tomato, the soft mozzarella, all on a thin crust that's as pleasingly limp in the middle as it is crisp at the edge. 

The garlic knobs are good too--tasting as they should of garlic and olive oil with their fluffy bread browned to a delicious oily crunch at the edge.

Wiseguy was closed today (and tomorrow) to expand its kitchen to meet the unexpected demand for their food. I'm not surprised. The closest similar outlet, Fuel Pizza, is fine but underwhelming. This is better.

Wiseguy NY Pizza. 300 Massachusetts Avenue NW (at 4th Street), Washington, D.C. (Mount Vernon Triangle/Chinatown).

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  1. This sounds good. You downtown D.C. workers have all the best choices.